1995/96- Lola Cars, LTD. U.S. Technical Director for all Indy car and Indy Lights.

1996- produced for sale, Shock Therapy 7" travel dual crown downhill bike fork.

1995- Dale Coyne Racing-provided trackside engineering to team as Lola Technical Director and 4 way adjustable shocks for rookie driver Alex Zampedri, producing the team's first top 10 finish with year old equipment

1994- Indy Regency Racing. Provided Trackside Engineering for driver Arie Luyendyk. Several top 10 finshes and 2nd place at the Michigan 500 after starting last due to problems in qualifying

1993- produced prototype Shock Therapy rear bicycle shock, offering adjustable air volume, compression and rebound damping.

1993 Chip Ganassi Racing, designed special 4 way adjustable shock and provided trackside engineering. Pole position and second place finish in the Indy 500 for Driver Arie Luyendyk

1992- Ligier Formula 1 team. Provided 4 way adjustable shocks and trackside engineering services for driver Eric Comas. Achieved 5th place at French Grand Prix, the team's best result and first points in 3 years

1992- Citroen Rally Raid Team. Provided damper design and liaison. Won grueling Paris-Peking Rally.

1991 Nissan factory GTP team. Chief Race Engineer and Aerodynamicist. Won Driver's and Manufacturers Championship

1990 Paul Stewart Racing F3000 team. Chief engineer for new team with rookie drivers John Jones and Andrea Chiesa. 3 podium results

1989 Audi factory GTO team. Chief Race engineer and liaison with Audi factory engineers.

7 race wins with Hans Stuck, Walter Rorhl and Hurley Haywood

1988 Audi Factory Trans Am team. Chief Race engineer and liaison with Audi factory engineers. Won drivers championship with Hurley Haywood.

1986/1987 Group 44 factory Jaguar GTP team. Race engineer, aerodynamics a R&D.

Won 3 out of 7 races with Bob Tullius, John Morton and Hurley Haywood

1985 University Of New Mexico Mechanical Engineering. Developed Variable Cam Timing engine and began patent application.

1972-85. Motocross Racer, shock development rider.

Here, you'll find a semi-complete curriculum vitae and summary of career highlights

EDUCATION:​      University of New Mexico

                             Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

                             Honor Roll, College of Engineering

                             National Dean's List, 1984

2015-Introduced Tantrum Cycle Design. Dedicated to inventing, creating, designing and marketing some of the most innovative bicycle and bicycle suspension designs in the world.

2014-Final U.S. and International Patent Applications for "Patronis" suspension design

2013- Provisional U.S. and Internatioanl Patent Application for "Patronis" suspension design. A continuation of logic behind the previously patented Magic Link Supension, The new design is more capable, lighter, stiffer and easier to manufacture.

2010- Granted U.S. Patent for "Magic Link" suspension

2008-2013 Licensed "Magic Link" suspension to Kona Bicycles, resulting in over US$40M in sales.

2008-Final U.S. Patent application for "Magic link" suspension.

2008-2010- Designed bicycles for Kona, using Patented "Magic Link" suspension technology. Designed all forgings, yokes, tubes and geometry. Interfaced directly with the factory in Taiwan in all stages of manufacture to insure correct function and quality control.

2004-2013- Licensed proprietary floating brake technology to Kona Bicycles

2004-2005- Supplied floating brakes to Fabien Barel and the Kona DH team, resulting in back to back World Downhill Championships for Barel

2003- Trek Bicycles. Provided OE proprietary floating brake technology for the Trek Diesel production DH bike as well as to Trek's World Championship DH team.

2001- Provided last minute trackside engineering to Indy Regency Racing and driver Cory Witherill for the Indy 500, taking him from slowest out of 40 drivers to qualify 32nd on bump day, becoming the first native American to qualify and race in the Indy 500. Cory finished 13th and won the award for most improvement during the race.

1999 Team Gordon/ Toyota CART Indycar program. Provided trackside engineering and proprietary 4 way adjustable shocks for driver Robbie Gordon. Best results for new team and Toyata's best results to date, including 2 top 6 finishes. 

1999- Team GO Indy Lights. Provided trackside engineering and proprietary 4 way adjustable shocks. 4 race wins with drivers Derek Higgins and Mario Dominguez

1998- Team Tomac DH team. Provided floating brakes to John Tomac, Cheri Elliot and Sari Jorgenson